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Bob Nudd

Bob Nudd

Все представленные видеоматериалы являются собственностью рыболовного клуба "Крючок" и предназначены для ознакомления только членами клуба. Для ознакомления с представленными видеоматериалами необходимо отправить по электронному адресу заявку с перечнем интересующих видеоматериалов. Услуга бесплатная для членов рыболовного клуба "Крючок". Узнать подробнее об использовании видеоматериалов из видеоархива рыболовного клуба "Крючок" можно в разделе "FAQ".

"Bob Nudd guide to successful feeder fishing"

With four world championship wins and an MBE awarded for successful rod and line fishing, there is no doubt Bob Nudd is the top choice of presenter for Coarse Angling programmes. In this film Bob visits the excellent Hoveringland Hall Park Lake near Norwich; a superb water for feeder fishing at range with a good stock of bream amongst other species. It is a glorious day and Bob is in fine form! His easy going manner and careful way of explaining the tips and tricks that have been made him the greatest angler in the world today can help you catch more fish by this tried and tested system.By placing a small bed of bait tight to your hook baits it isn't too long until fish come in thick and fast. This programme can truly help you become more successful at feeder fishing.

"Bob Nudd guide to successful lake fishing"

The greatest area of interest in coarse fishing lies in "pay to fish" waters or managed fisheries. Here an environment and stock can be nurtured and protected, allowing the angler a good chance of a high catch rate. Join four times world coarse angling champion Bob Nudd MBE at the superb Pisces Fisheries in Cambridgeshire on a glorious summer day and learn from a master the techniques and tactics for good catches on the pole. Fish off the bottom and midwater feature strongly, sweetcorn, maggot and luncheon meat are the chosen offerings. The various tricks that only experience and time can teach you make Bob Nudd an excellent guide for all anglers who want to be successful at Lake Fishing.

"Bob Nudd guide to successful method fishing"

One of the most devastatingly successful systems ever devised for catching fish on rod and line came into being at the latter part of the last century. Known as "The Method" it rapidly caught on as a simple but highly productive approach for fooling big fish into taking hook baits. Join four times world coarse angling champion BOB NUDD MBE at the superb Pisces Fisheries in Cambridgeshire on a glorious summer day and learn from a master the techniques and tactics for good catches using the method feeder. A bag in excess of 80lbs in four hours makes Bob Nudd an excellent guide for all anglers who want to be successful at Method Fishing.

"Bob Nudd guide to whip fishing"

There is no better method for fast and active coarse fishing than on the "Whip". Both pleasure and match anglers can truly benefit from joining four times World Coarse Angling Champion BOB NUDD as he "bags up" at the superb meadowlands Fisheries in the West Midlands. Filmed in early April, Bob shows that the techniques that have taken him to the top of the match fishing world are not limited by season, water temperature or conditions as he explains in his usual effective and entertaining style his personal approach to successful Whip Fishing.

"Bob Nudd's fishing academy - Fishing for bream"

Bream are a fascinating target species for both the pleasure and match angler alike. Found in large shoals favouring deep and slow or stillwater, the British record stands at well over 18lbs. Large bags of this species can be achieved by heavy feeding and once attracted, they will stay until either the food is mopped up, or the shoal disturbed. Join our four times World Coarse Fishing Champion Bob Nudd MBE on the very well stocked Larford Lakes Fishery near Stourport, for an excellent demonstration and session of bream fishing on the pole. Rigs, knots, baits and techniques are all well explained during Bob's usual entertaining and enlightening presentation. Enjoy this DVD and learn from a master the skills to enable you to increase your catch rate, when fishing for the ever popular bream.

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